My experiences working first with young women in campus ministry and then with new mothers as a lactation consultant have created a deep desire within me to tell women the truth about themselves:

“Your body is not broken and your fertility, childbearing, and breastfeeding abilities are not inconvenient problems! They are essential components of a society that loves and honors and meets women’s authentic needs.”

Leah A. Jacobson MA, IBCLC


Talk #1 Wholistic Feminism: The Next Generation of Liberated Women

Or alternate title:  Wholistic Feminism: The Next Generation of Women who Know Better

Following the themes in her book, Wholistic Feminism: Healing the Identity Crisis Caused by the Women’s Movement, author Leah A. Jacobson, MA, IBCLC expands upon how a movement focused on whole woman wellness will bring fulfillment and purpose to today’s young women. The previous waves of the Feminist movement claimed to liberate women and bring them happiness, however, the millions of women who are burned out from trying to achieve an unrealistic and masculine standard of success, and “have it all,” prove that these messages were a lie. Leah speaks with compassion and conviction about how the women’s movement can and must shift to help today’s young women understand their true identities as females and how to make peace with their fertility, childbearing, and mothering abilities. She weaves her narrative of being a mother to seven children, a board-certified lactation consultant, a non-profit founder and CEO into her talks and helps young women see that they CAN be happy and whole as the women they were uniquely created to be.

Key Themes:

  • History of Feminism in our country
  • Male Normative Standards for Success/Productivity
  • Feminine Superpowers
  • Next Generation Feminism

Wholistic Feminism: Healing the Identity Crisis Caused by the Women’s Movement (Lumen Press, 2021) is the first book from author Leah A. Jacobson, MA, IBCLC.  Illustrating how the American women’s movement, hijacked by the sexual revolution, has defined success in a way that keeps women striving, yet never fully arriving at true fulfillment, Wholistic Feminism highlights female contributions in a new light while refuting the lie that women and their female bodies are inadequate or problematic.  With this book, Jacobson aims to begin a women’s movement that is truly whole.


Talk #2 Knowing and Defending Your Female Identity

In a world where medical professionals are threatened to have their licenses removed for using the term breastfeeding instead of “chest-feeding,” women are being forced to compete with biological males in sports competitions, and transgender men can go to the OBGYN for a fake pap-smear… how can women understand and articulate the importance of their female identity? This is the question Leah answers by exploring what it means to be a woman and the implications for society when the uniqueness of women and their contributions in all areas of life are challenged.

Talk #3 Female Leadership and the Vocation of Womanhood

For Catholic women who have ambition, dreams, gifts, and talents, and also want to prioritize their primary vocations as wives, mothers, or religious, finding the perfect balance can seem daunting and nearly impossible. The teachings of the Church about Natural Family Planning (NFP) and “Blessed are the meek” can often seem to contradict the desires of young women with aspirations and lots of energy. In this talk, Leah wrestles with these questions and ultimately concludes that God calls women to give of themselves in a variety of ways, and for each woman, He has a very specific and perfect plan which combines the desires they have on their heart with a need that exists in their world.

Leah Jacobson is an international speaker, non-profit founder, board-certified lactation consultant, and author of the new book Wholistic Feminism: Healing the Identity Crisis Caused by the Women’s Movement (Lumen Press, 2021).  Having worked with young people and mothers since 2000, Leah founded The Guiding Star Project in 2011 after feeling called to help women and families by providing resources that honor Natural Law and promote wholistic feminism.  Guiding Star Centers offer pregnancy support, breastfeeding help, fertility education, drop-in child care and much more, creating safe havens that uphold human dignity in all stages of life.  One of Leah’s greatest passions is supporting young women as they transition into their roles as new mothers.  Leah resides in central Minnesota with her husband and seven children.

I have known Leah for a number of years.  She has a great passion for defending the sanctity of life, spreading the good news of the new feminist movement, and advocating for women’s health care.  It is clear when listening to her speak, that she has put a great deal of thought into preparing her message and is very articulate in her delivery.  Her passion and zeal in advocating for women is the passion and zeal needed to affect real change in our culture!

Fr. Mike Schmitz, Diocese of Duluth, MN Youth and Young Adult Ministry, UMD Newman Catholic Campus Ministry

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