Lactation Consulting

I have been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2012. I completed a Master’s program in Health and Wellness, with a special emphasis on Lactation and women’s health issues. I’ve worked in the public health setting as an intern with my local WIC office. I’ve also worked in the L&D department of my local rural access hospital, specializing in vulnerable populations. I’ve run a private practice Lactation Consulting practice for 6 years and and have done several home visits to help new mothers in the comfort of their homes. I love working with mamas and babies and feel honored to be welcomed into the sacred postpartum space of the breastfeeding dyad.


Even though I’ve had hundreds of hours of specialized lactation education and hands on work experience, I consider my greatest learning experience breastfeeding my own seven children. Each one was a completely new experience and presented new challenges. I’ll never forget the evening before I sat for my IBCLC Exam, my three week old baby boy screamed and refused to latch for hours. I remember looking desperately at my husband and saying “Every lactation consultant should be required to experience THIS before helping other women!” I understand the emotional toll that breastfeeding can take because I’ve been there. I work with new moms to set achievable goals for their breastfeeding experience and then equip them to be successful in reaching those goals.

Also consider a Lactation Client Membership. This gives you unlimited access to videos for all your frequently asked questions, downloads for the most needed documents for tracking feedings and weight gain, and most importantly access to me for a free 20 minute virtual consultation and discounts on longer virtual follow-up calls. I look forward to working with you and putting a plan in place for your success!


Become a Lactation Client and let me help you reach your breastfeeding goals

Membership Includes

Training Videos for:

  • Preparing to Breastfeed
  • First 48 hours
  • Dealing with Engorgement and other Common Problems
  • Going back to work
  • Introducing Solids and Weaning

Also included are downloads for tracking your feedings and baby weights

And of course, virtual and phone support directly from me.

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My Levi as a lovey nursling!

My Esther pauses while nursing to smile at me.